Frozen pipes!


I know the tips to keep from freezing — kept water trickling, didn’t put furnace down, kept cupboards open. We have a frozen pipe. It’s still frozen — I’ve spent all morning trying to get it unfrozen. Tried turning the main water off, but for some reason it’s still running to other parts of the house — so my valve must not be working. Praying and praying it loosens soon. Unfortunately, this particular pipe freezes every other winter and this time all of the tricks in my arsenal couldn’t combat -40 degree windchill. The frozen pipe is behind drywall somewhere in our basement (the pipe runs the length of the basement, though I’m not sure the exact path it takes -but likely along one of the outside walls somehow). Because of this, I can’t apply direct heat, so just take the space heater downstairs and crank it up. It’s warmish down there — hopefully it will loosen without bursting the pipe – since the shut off valve isn’t cooperating, I’ll need to get that checked into, but I’d rather it not be with an emergency plumber!