You know I have found that to be true as well

cold gas

Since we have no credit card debt some a friend is always making comments about it. But it doesn’t seems like positive remarks either. It’s a jealousy things in my opinion.

I don’t care what she says…or anyone else for that matter. I know I am following what God wants for my life. Do I slip up? Sure. (of course that is when my friend like to take a stab at me), but I pick myself up and start over….but I have to say, a slip up for a few hundred dollars is better than thousands!

And while we are on the subject…..I have a question for those of you who used to carry debt on credit cards (student loans, owe someone else money….etc) and now are debt free…minus your mortgage? I am assuming there’s been a time or two you’ve slipped up and charged something again or taken money from your FFEF for something that wasn’t technically an emergency…my question is, did putting yourself back in debt feel different to you?

I wonder this because recently we took money from our FFEF to buy airlines tickets to visit my hubby’s family. I hated the thought of doing it, but my dh was adamant that we were going and I was adamant that we weren’t using the credit card. So the EF it was. Anyway, I treated it like a debt to pay us back. And that whole time it felt weird to be in debt again after all that time of not being in debt. I was more stressed and my anxiety was worse.

Anyone else had similar experiences?



I was trying to figure out how the inside pipes froze when the house was warm enough to inhabit… But I’m sure those folks with unheated crawlspaces run into problems as WELL…
I’m wondering what my neighbor(who moved a month ago) is doing with the vacant house. It the heat is still on, it must be costing him a fortune. But I guess that as long as the furnace is set to about 50, there’s no danger of areas cold enough to freeze.


cold weather

The pipes going to my bathrooms run through the middle of the basement, so nowhere near exterior walls.The only pipes I’d have to worry about that with are the ones to my kitchen. And I had never considered that before now… But the water coming out doesn’t seem extraordinarily cold, so maybe it’s not an issue.

You had even more cold than we did, that’s for sure!


I’m in the Detroit area — lowest we got was -15 πŸ™‚ It’s a balmy -2 this morning, but supposed to warm up to 16! Maybe I can wear shorts! πŸ™‚ Tomorrow we’re supposed to completely thaw out, so I’ll feel better.
We had water dripping when the pipe froze, but my husband thinks he might have screwed up and not left both the cold and water dripping in the bathroom…the cold water side froze.
My biggest advice to everyone here – I know it sounds simple, but no matter where you live, right now, if you don’t already know, find you main water shut off valve. We knew where ours is, but it’s so hard to find — underneath some cabinets behind a nailed shut access panel (who nailed it shut I’m not sure) I saw three facebook friends yesterday posting videos of a blown water pipes filling their basement with water…and when I asked why they weren’t shutting off their water, they said they didn’t know where the shut off valve was – um…look for it!!! πŸ™‚
Our two and half days frozen pipe cleared last night. We slowly turned the water back on and so far no signs of leakage/bursting. I worked from home today and am sitting in the basement with the space heater near the pipes still just to make sure πŸ™‚ Didn’t want to come home from work to a wet basement!
So far, we’ve saved plumbing costs…but made up for it when my husband locked himself out of the house yesterday –leaving to go use the bathroom of the gas station down the street. Unfortunately, our lock that neighbors have a key to is broken, so he had to call a locksmith (I was hours away and it was zero degrees out….had to do it) Thanks!