Furnaces only last 15 years?


I’ve been in this house for 13 years, and the furnace was old when I moved IN. Not sure how old, though. My water heater has an inspection sticker from 1995, so it’s at least 18 years old. But at $4000 for the furnace, it won’t replaced for a WHILE…

It has been mandated this week that everyone in our areas


(northern Michigan) keep one faucet dripping at all times with a stream of water the size of a pencil eraser, and the water must be warm. I’d always thought a drip was sufficient, and hadn’t any idea that the water needed to be warm, either. Those with a well (such as ourselves) need to keep the faucet the furthest from the well streaming continously at this time. I just thought this was interesting and informative info to have on hand. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this problem. I’ve dealt with broken/frozen pipes before, and it was very expensive to deal with (vacant home with extensive water damage).