The reason our pipes burst is because the gas company was replacing lines


Some guy with the gas company got the key to our home from the realtor and went inside the vacant home to inspect the work. He thought he smelled gas so he turned the gas (heat) off in the house but failed to tell the real estate company what he’d done when he returned the key to their offices. Instead, he hung a red tag from the garage door with a note of what he’d done. Idiot. The house was right off from Lake Erie and it was the week before Christmas. I’d left the heat on because the house was being shown and there were a lot of people in and out of the house. Unfortunately, that was a slow week. When a realtor walked in on Christmas eve to show the house, the pipes had probably burst a couple of days earlier. The gas company did admit responsibility, which is admirable, but it was still a huge pain, and it was very, very expensive to put the house back in order (to the tune of six figures). Oddly enough, we did sell it during the reconstruction process. The new owners picked what they wanted in the house, and the insurance money paid to have that work done.