I have not used a credit card since 2007

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don’t miss it, and really don’t WANT one. Since I don’t *have* a cc, there’s no way to slip up and charge something. Now having said that, I realize it can be a total pain to rent a vehicle *without* a credit card. I”m under the impression that you can PAY for a vehicle with a debit card, but you can’t RESERVE one with it. I’m looking at renting a motorcycle when I go to Reno in April. They want a credit card with a $1500 limit for the deposit. I’ve considered getting a credit card with just that limit on it. If they actually charge the deposit, I’d get it back when I return the motorcycle. So it would be debt in name only. I still haven’t decided what to do, because I certainly don’t want to have to walk in there with $1500 CASH for the deposit…
I don’t consider pulling from your emergency fund going back into debt, so I can say I’ve *never* slipped up since getting rid of my credit cards…

You know I have found that to be true as well

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Since we have no credit card debt some a friend is always making comments about it. But it doesn’t seems like positive remarks either. It’s a jealousy things in my opinion.

I don’t care what she says…or anyone else for that matter. I know I am following what God wants for my life. Do I slip up? Sure. (of course that is when my friend like to take a stab at me), but I pick myself up and start over….but I have to say, a slip up for a few hundred dollars is better than thousands!

And while we are on the subject…..I have a question for those of you who used to carry debt on credit cards (student loans, owe someone else money….etc) and now are debt free…minus your mortgage? I am assuming there’s been a time or two you’ve slipped up and charged something again or taken money from your FFEF for something that wasn’t technically an emergency…my question is, did putting yourself back in debt feel different to you?

I wonder this because recently we took money from our FFEF to buy airlines tickets to visit my hubby’s family. I hated the thought of doing it, but my dh was adamant that we were going and I was adamant that we weren’t using the credit card. So the EF it was. Anyway, I treated it like a debt to pay us back. And that whole time it felt weird to be in debt again after all that time of not being in debt. I was more stressed and my anxiety was worse.

Anyone else had similar experiences?

Haters aka motivation


I have found out being debt free makes you a target for haters. I have had numerous people talking junk about us since we paid off our house and they are all family. You know the type. The Dave Ramsey followers are crazy type people. I guess I must be doing something right ! LOL So, today everyone get up , kill some debt and make those haters hate ! You got this babyyyyyyyyy !!!!!