We are not even debt free yet


and we get a lot of accusations that we are selfish because we won’t abandon the program to give them money so they can vacation, buy non necessities, etc. When we suggest they even read a copy of tmmo we are told it is a scam and that we are fools. Yet look at whose debt is shrinking and whose is escalating out of control.

The haters I know have “stuff”

credit cards

I’m sorry, but I don’t need “stuff” to make me happy. These are the same people who have been paying on their house for 20+ years and owe 3x what they initially purchased it for.

I’m hated because I am a stay at home mom and we don’t need 2 incomes to make it. I stay home to make sure everyone stays on track. DH traveled for his job for almost 20 years before he was able to cut back–I’m talking 40+ weeks on the road. Now we are changing directions after he took the early retirement option, but they only see he is not “working”. they see us doing improvements on the house and yard, but don’t know how we can afford it…no CC, so that money can be spent elsewhere.