In my studio/office


I knew I needed the filing cabinet sorted first to file incoming paperwork and the stuff I have on hand that is current stuff. As I clear the papers/mail I will have more room to work on the other projects I need to do to get my space organized. That is why I started there. I think either method, yours or mine, works depending on the situation.

You reminded me that I have worked hard on a 2 drawer filing cabinet


It took a lot longer that I thought it should have. But it’s pretty much done. I had to shred stuff, buy letter size manila envelopes with clasps to put stuff in. That stuff is done. I just need to figure which file folders are really needed and put those back. I feel much lighter having gotten paper work ready for storage … it is tax related stuff and bank statements. Otherwise I would dump it.

I still have some work to do in my studio but I hope it will get easier as stuff gets ditched.